10 Natural Health Boosters for You

Perhaps you are a lover of natural substances, may be you are among those Americans who are fed up with the side effects of synthetic drugs and now having smart moves towards natural substances. Are you? If so than this article about 10 natural health boosters for you will be appealing and helpful, hopefully.
If you take some echinacea to prevent yourself from getting cold or sip chamomile tea to constrain an upset tummy, you are an admirer of natural herbs. You should also know at least 10 natural health boosters to attain maximum health care for you. The discussion below is also beneficial for you to make safe and effective buys of natural supplements.
1.    Calcium:
Calcium is the best supplement to maintain the structure and functions of your bones; it maximizes your bone density. Moreover, it may ease menstrual pain and nerve conduction. So, do use of calcium in your daily routine.
2.    Omega-3 supplements:
Omega-3s are essential fatty acids which are mostly found in sea foods. Taking them can lessen the symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps. It is also a recommendation for the pregnant women for development of baby’s brain and may also diminish the risk of postpartum depression.
3.    Eleuthero and Licorice:
Another important point which must be discussed in 10 Natural health boosters for you is that if job stress or parenting pressure is wearing you down? These two herbs eleuthero and licorice improve the body’s ability to adapt stress, fight fatigue and improve longevity.
4.    Probiotics:
These are the natural immunity boosters and considered among the 10 natural health boosters for you. They prevent bodies from the attack of harmful germs and ease women in menopause too.
5.    Flaxseed:
Flaxseed is equally important for the young or old; they are natural fibers who help in maintenance of digestion and assimilation of other nutrients in the body. They give healthy colon which leads to ultimate healthy bodies.
6.    Vitamins:
Vitamins are the most important among 10 natural health boosters for you, they boost immunity, improve healthy vision or one can say they are effective for the entire body health.
7.    Celery
Celery is also taken in the diet for heart health. It is actually a source of potassium; it reduces blood pressure and regulates the balance minerals in the body.
8.    Iron:
This is another important in 10 natural health boosters for you. It maintains the health of blood and should be taken regularly by the female to overcome the loss of blood in periods.
9.    Zinc:
It is also important and taken in to diet to maintain the health of skin and body. This mineral may also boost natural immunity and reduces the risk of age-related eye problems.
10.    Hawthorn:
It is an herb and is taken as top 10 natural health boosters for you to control inflammation, blood pressure and ease congested blood vessels.

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