Top 5 Food Sources of Arginine

Arginine or L-arginine is among non-essential amino acids, although the body can produce it but can be obtained from many foods. This article is especially dealing with the food sources of Arginine. Arginine is found to be helpful to maintain healthy body function, so it must be taken in diet. 1.    Vegetables These are excellent food sources of arginine, arginine containing foods includes leafy greens like spinach, sprouted mung beans, seaweed, French beans, garlic and onions. 2.    Nuts and Legumes

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How Does L Arginine Work In Erectile Dysfunction?

This article is especially written for those, who want to get knowledge about the relationship between, L Arginine and male fertility. L Arginine is although an amino acid but it is part and parcel for maximum health care. It has numerous benefits on human health; it is necessary to fulfill human nutritional requirements but has famous from history since centuries because of its astonishing effects on male fertility. It alleviates erectile dysfunction in man, so they both seem as a

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