Benefits of Cod liver Oil for Women

Cod liver oil is a well-recognized nutritional supplement and is extracted from the liver of the Cod fish. This oil is separated form cod fish liver by steam cooking. The health benefits of this are evident on all young or old, men or women. In fact, the benefits of cod liver oil for women are more evident than men.

When it comes to discussion about healthy supplements, cod liver oil is at the forefront. Benefits of cod liver oil for women are just because of their high nutritious value. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), which are essential for human health. Moreover, it also contains others like vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. Traces of certain minerals are also found in it like chlorine, bromine, phosphorus and sulfur.

Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil:

Health benefits of cod liver oil is more than one’s imagination, it protects body from heart diseases to pregnancy. Due to its tremendous beneficial effects, one can say it is essential to maintain well-being. Well there is no doubt about its benefits for men and women both, but in this article we are restricting our discussion to the health benefits of cod liver oil for women only.

Bones and Joint Health

Cod liver oil is efficient for bones and joint health of an individual, it supports body against osteoarthritis, arthritis and especially recommended for osteoporosis in female.

Heart Health

Cod liver oil is also important to prevent atherosclerosis; which is more common in females than males. Hence support the overall heart health in individual.

Benefits in Pregnancy

The health benefits of cod liver oil for women, is also considered as best because according to Mayo Clinic, its supplementation after the 22nd week of pregnancy is advantageous to the mother and fetus both.

Benefits in PMS

Nearly, 40% of female all around the globe are the victims of PMS. Another health benefit of cod liver oil for women is its beneficial effects on menstrual cramps.

Benefits of PCOS

PCOS or (polycystic ovarian syndrome), is a health concern that cause irregular periods because of small fluid-filled cysts in the ovaries, cod liver oil give its benefits in condition of PCOS.

Benefits in Breast Feeding

Another benefit among health benefits of cold liver oil for women also include, in nursing mothers it also improves lactation, and provide ease in breast feeding.

Because of the above mentioned benefits of cod liver oil for women and men, it can be useful addition in your dietary plan.

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