Classroom Strategies for Students with ADHD

These classroom strategies for students with ADHD, which are discussed below will be the best for adjustment of a child with ADHD with normal students in classroom.

Mostly, children with ADHD are abysmal in their class studies. They have problem with attention and concentration, hence their class studies are affected more than their home activities.

This article will give some good classroom strategies for students with ADHD, if they are applied they will surely help student against their classroom tasks. These strategies are;

Classroom sitting:

Teachers should ask the children with ADHD to sit at front of class. They should sit preferably with an efficient student and must be kept away from the noisier students as much as possible.

Care at the time of instructions:

  • Another important point which must be discussed in classroom strategies for students with ADHD is that, teachers should make the eye contact with these children before giving any instruction.
  • Give them time to repeat it back to memorize the instruction.  
  • You should keep your instruction short and to the point.

Friendly environment:

Teachers should pair up that student with a buddy which is sympathetic and friendly with them and can check their activities and help the as well.

Extra care for ADHD children:

Another important thing which must be considered in classroom strategies for students with ADHD is that you should allow these students extra time in assignments and exams. There sitting should in a quiet area which is free of distractions. 

Don’t punish ADHD children: 

Don’t scold them for small stuff, if you can let something minor, let it. Only punish them on major disruptions, this will improve their interest and concentration in classroom. 

Special care at the time of misconduct: 

Moreover, among the classroom strategies for students with ADHD, one most important is that if a hyperactive child lashes out, try to find out the cause of his deeds before assigning blame. 

Praise ADHD children:

Last but not the least among the classroom strategies for students with ADHD is Praise, praise, praise! These make them worthy among the classmates, this does not mean verbal appreciation always, and it can be a quiet touch, a nod, a wink or a smile.

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