Diagnosis and Prevention of Actinomycosis

Actinomycosis is an infectious bacterial disease which is caused by Actinomyces species. It is a rare disease in human but is common in cattle. These are characterized by large abscesses in neck and head of the people.

Sign and symptoms of actinomycosis infection:

Although this article will discuss the diagnosis and prevention of actinomycosis, but before its discussion I want to mention some signs and symptoms of the disease. This is characterized by painful abscesses in the mouth, lungs, or GIT. These abscesses grow larger and more painful as the disease progresses.
How to Prevent Actinomycosis infection?

In this article about “diagnosis and prevention of Actinomycosis”, firstly I wish to mention methods of prevention.
1. Practice good dental and oral hygiene. This reduces the chances of growth of bacteria and occurrence of infection
2. Educate female patients that there may be possibility of developing actinomycosis by using intrauterine contraceptive devices, so be careful in this regard.
3. In order to prevent actinmycosis infection, one should restrict the use of antibiotics.

How to diagnose actinomycosis infection?

Secondly in this article, diagnosis and prevention of disease, I wish to mention the methods of diagnosis of disease.

Actinomycosis is sometimes hard to diagnose at onset and appear when the disease progresses.

Lab test: To diagnose These are lab tests which may isolate actinomycesis in pus for the tissue specimens.

Check the abscesses for the characteristic red or purple color in jaws. These infections may also appear on other parts of the body like abdomen, in some cases abscess pulmonary actinomycosis

Review the possibility of migration of the bacteria from nose to throat to site of infection by oral surgery.

Diagnosis of actinomycosis also need examination of the fluid under microscope for the presence of yellow sulfur garanules as clumps of actinomyces.

One can confirm the presence of actinomyces species by means of culture technique.

Hopefully this post show you how to diagnose actinomycosis infection is helpful for you and assist you in maximum health care for you.

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