Fed Up With Allergy, Minimize Dust Mites in Your Home

Get Tips for Minimizing Dust Mites inside Your Bed and Bedroom
If you and your family has been suffering from dust allergies and want to get rid of it. Your first line of defense is to keep your bed clean… For minimizing dust mites in your home; you should pay attention on cleanliness of your mattresses, pillows, curtains and soft bedding because they are the favorite hiding places for dust mites. Dust mites rank highest among those allergens which trigger asthma symptoms and exaggerate allergies.

Wanna minimize dust mites in your home

If you want to minimize the dust mites in your home, do clean your bed. Do you know the fact; your average mattress will twice in weight within 10 years because of dead dust mites filling. To get rid of dust mites in your home, you should cover your bed and pillow with Dust-Mite-Proof and Pillow Covers. A research published in 2003 in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology shows that children with dust mite allergies have to use half doses of allergy medications with dust mite-proof mattress and pillow covers.

Some tips for minimizing dust mites in your home

While it is impossible to eliminate dust mites. completely but you can minimize their presence in your home. Tips to minimize dust mites, include;
•    Select beds having wooden or metal frames.
•    Wash your bedding with hot water as the cold water can’t kill dust mites.
•    For minimizing dust mites in your home, replace wall-to-wall carpeting with hard floors.
•    Wash bad sheets and pillow cases once a week and replace them with the new one.
•    Avoid storing items inside your bed and furniture as much as possible.
•    For minimizing dust mites in your home, use a dehumidifier to restrict the growth of dust mites.
•    Replace your pillows and comforters from natural materials like down and cotton to synthetic materials like Dacron or Orlon. It will minimize the favorable places of growth.
•    Replace curtains with shades or blinds which are made of washable materials.

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