Feelings of Anxiety for no Reasons

It is the common observation that people are complaining for the feelings of anxiety. In general observation, they have good job, good living environment, they are well in financial catalog but still they are suffering from the feelings of anxiety. Now, we can call it as feelings of anxiety for no reasons. Anxiety is one of the most familiar health concerns which all of us felt in certain phases of our lives but sometimes it can lead to severe mental outcome.

What is anxiety?

In fact, anxiety is a physiological and psychological stress condition which can create feelings of uneasiness, fear, worry and dread. It is considered as the normal body reaction against stress and it helps us to cope with stress.

What are the feelings of anxiety?

Anxiety is considered as a normal “alarm system” which alerting you towards any internal and external dangers. When you can say that you are suffering from feelings of anxiety?
It happens when your heart beats fast, your mind races, you feel problem with communicating to the people, your palms get sweaty etc. This is the time when situation is out of control for you and a sense of feeling of dread surrounds you for no apparent reasons.

Some symptoms of generalized anxiety include trembling, shortness of breath, muscle tension, fast heartbeat, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, irritability, loss of sleep and inability to concentrate on a task.

How to reduce the feelings of anxiety?

If you have feelings of anxiety for no reasons, you can overcome it easily with your will power. It can be coped with normal routine exercise and social counseling with no need of medications.

Control your worries:

The first thing which should be discussed for reduction of feelings of anxiety is your self control over worries. Choose a place which you like and spend 30 minutes to being happy and get rid of worries.

Do exercise to relax:

It includes light relaxation exercises like yoga, or deep breathing. It will improve the blood circulation to the whole body especially to the brain and decrease the feelings of anxiety.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and drug abuse:

These drug abuses are relaxed you for certain period of time and in the long run, they can cause anxiety worst.

Do social counseling:

Another thing which can decrease the feelings of anxiety includes social counseling. Talk with you friends and family about any issues which are disturbing you. You can discuss your problems with your doctors too.

Feelings of anxiety for no reasons can be a hurdle in optimum health, hence above mentioned  tips will give maximum health care for you.  You can use these easy tips to get rid of them.

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