How can Asbestos Cause Mesothelioma?

This article is dealing with the topic, how can asbestos cause mesothelioma? Mesothelioma is an extremely aggressive cancer which is difficult to diagnose as well as treat. Most of the cases of mesothelioma are misdiagnosed with other diseases and hence become lethal. In America 2,000 and 3,000 cases of malignant mesothelioma are occurred each year and figures can be projected to increase in upcoming decades.

When we observe the causes of mesothelioma, we find that most important agent, which causes mesothelioma is asbestos. How can asbestos cause mesothelioma? There are a number of researches has been conducted to find out the causes of mesothelioma. Medical professionals have given three main theories how can asbestos cause mesothelioma?

•           In fact, asbestos is irritating and inflammatory for the mesothelial cells that can result in irreversible cellular damage, scarring, and eventually cancer.

•           Asbestos fibers may also enter inside cells and disrupt the vital functions of cells. These include disruption in normal cell division which can lead to cancer.

•           Another theory how can asbestos cause mesothelioma? asbestos also produces free radicals which damage DNA. They can cause cells to mutate and eventually they become cancerous.

In this article “how can asbestos cause mesothelioma?” I want to emphasize that asbestos is highly dangerous for the human health. Once they enter in the body, they are very lethal for your health. As you know that this blog is aimed for your optimum health care. So, we advice you to be far from asbestos exposure!

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