How the Rast Allergy Test Works?

A RAST allergy test is a short form of radioallergosorbent test. It is a blood test which is used to discover allergic substances. This RAST allergy test is taken as supreme test to elucidate the common allergens. It is also performed to scrutinize the efficiency of allergy shots, or other desensitization treatment. The RAST allergy test is a radioimmunoassay test, which detects specific IgE antibodies of known allergens. IgE is the antibody, which is found in the blood in association with Type I allergic response.

History of RAST Allergy Test:

The RAST allergy test was formulated by Swedish Pharmacia Diagnostics AB in 1974. It was modified in year 1989 and named as immunoCAP, which is more accurate and sensitive in comparison of original. The other similar tests with the same theme include, RIST, MAST and STALLERZYM. The newer test are claimed to provide information and measure about the severity of an allergy too on the basis of IgE numbers

Possible advantages of the RAST allergy Test

RAST allergy test is used for the patient, who is taking long acting anti histamines.
The test may also be beneficial for those who have risk of developing the risk of a severe allergic reaction especially people who have compromised immune system.
It might also be used for people who have extreme anxiety for skin testing.
RAST allergy test is less time consuming as compare to patch test.
RAST can be used if a skin condition is widespread and mostly remains undetected.
RAST allergy testing is extremely safe, especially if it is performed by an allergist who is experienced in the analysis of allergies. If you also feel that you are suffering from allergies, you should go for it in order to keep optimum health.

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