How to reverse aging naturally?

Aging is a natural biological process which all of us are come across. In fact, some of us face it confidently while some being vulnerable from it. This article will help you how to reverse aging naturally. This will help you to look young and fit. We wish maximum health care for you!

Signs of Aging

Before discussion how to reverse aging naturally? First consider signs of aging, which include; Age Spots: These are flat brown spots on face, neck and hands. These are accumulation of waste materials in the cells and may reflect deficiency of vitamin E, chromium, selenium etc Wrinkles: Wrinkles appear on skin because it becomes thinner and dryer upon aging.

How to reverse aging naturally?

Now, come towards the discussion how to reverse aging naturally?

Say NO!!!

To reverse aging and its appearance say NO to;

1. Smoking

2. Caffeine

3. Tea

4. Alcohol

5. Stress

Say YES!!!

To reverse aging and its reflections, say YES to;

1. Exercise

2. Relaxation

3. Music

4. Swimming

5. Healthy food

Now, in discussion how to reverse aging, I also wish to mention some natural foods which give beneficial antiaging effects.

Use Vitamin E in diet to reduce free radical damage and wrinkle prevention.

Vitamin C, if applied topically promotes collagen production in skin and keep it healthy.

Use Aloe vera which heals and moisturizes skin.

So, Say yes to healthy activities and say no to b

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