List of Foods Containing Lysine

Lysine is among the essential amino acids, which our body needed for proper bodily functions. We need lysine foods to fulfill nutritional requirement of our bodies. To meet the daily requirement of lysine, we should eat the Lysine foods. This article is especially dealing to provide list of foods containing lysine.

The average nutritional requirement of lysine per day as per kilogram of body weight is:

•    Infants (3–4 months) need 103 milligrams of lysine per day
•   Children (2 years) need 64 milligrams of lysine per day
•   Older children (10–12 years) need 60 to 44 milligrams per day
•    Adults need 0.84 grams of lysine as per kg of body weight

In fact, the most cereals have limited amino acid, but it is plenteous in pulses. Consequently, rich lysine foods containing meals are those who have combination cereal grains and legumes like the Middle Eastern hummus, Indian dal with rice, falafel with pita bread and Mexican beans with rice etc.
Below, we are giving a list of foods containing lysine with percentage of lysine;
•    Catfish either farmed or raw contains 9.19% of the protein which is lysine
•    Chicken in any form like meat and skin either cooked or roasted which contains 8.11% of the protein is lysine
•    Beef in cooked form possesses 8.31% of the protein is lysine.
•    Soybean possesses 7.42% of the protein is lysine
•    Mature seeds of winged bean has 7.20% of the protein is lysine.
•    Raw Lentil has 6.97% of the protein is lysine.
•    Non fat milk should be considered in this list of foods containing lysine, which possesses  7.48% lysine.
•    Egg (food) in both cooked and raw form contains 7.27% of the protein is lysine.
I can say confidently that this list of food containing lysine is best for you, so add them in your daily routine and get maximum health care.

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