List of Foods High in Tryptophan

Tryptophan is among essential amino acids, role of amino acids are well-evident in our bodies. People all around the world are well aware with the benefits of tryptophan. In this article we are dealing with the foods high in tryptophan.

Before discussion about foods high in tryptophan, I want to mention the term essential amino acids. Amino acids are the supplements which must be supplied by the diet because they can not be produced by the body itself. So, one must take it in sufficient quantity to prevent its deficiency. Because of the utmost health benefits of tryptophan, one can say that it is necessary in attaining maximum health care for you.

Food sources of tryptophan

Foods high in tryptophan include;


Milk is a very useful because of its high nutritional value. Milk is rich in minerals and protein, additionally it is also richest source of tryptophan. Soy milk is also a rich food which contains tryptophan.


Meat is also among the foods high in tryptophan, both red and lean meat (beef, mutton, chicken and turkey) are rich in tryptophan.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits are also among the foods high in tryptophan, these include bananas, hazel nuts, fish, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower.

In the end, I wish to emphasize that one must take it in recommended amount via foods high in tryptophan, if you can not do so, then you must take it in form of supplements.

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