Mystery Rash May Be Nickel Allergy – How Common Is Nickel Allergy

Are you suffering from the mystery rashes? If earrings make your earlobes itchy and necklace leaves a red rash around your neck, you may be a prone of nickel allergy. Nickel is a naturally occurring beautiful silver-white metal which is commonly use in costume jewelry, earring posts, eye glass frames, watchbands, hairpins, buttons, snaps, zippers etc. In this article, we do not only discuss how common is nickel allergy but also the causes of nickel allergy, symptoms of nickel allergy and treatment of nickel allergy too.

How common is nickel allergy among us:

Nickel allergy or jewelry allergy is quite common among us. It is nothing except a skin reaction which develops after exposure to nickel or other nickel containing items. Nickel allergy occurs in individual irrespective to the age. Its prevalence is increasing day by day and after poison ivy it is the most common type of skin allergy.

Symptoms of Nickel Allergy:

The symptoms of nickel allergy are similar to the other forms of allergy and they usually begin within six and 24 hours. These symptoms of nickel allergy include itching, redness which can be followed by the development of blisters. The blisters ultimately burst and skin becomes leathery, and cracked.

Tests for nickel allergy:

If you have developed the symptoms after exposure to metal items, you must go to a dermatologist which can perform a simple skin patch test to find nickel allergy. In this test, a doctor uses hypoallergenic tape and applies small quantities of suspected allergens to show reaction within 48 hours.

Treatment for nickel allergy:

  • Nickel allergy is a persistent condition, so if you have developed nickel allergy, you must apply following prevention.
  • Use stainless steel material at the time of ear and nose piercing.
  • Use jewelry which is made of plastic or plastic coated material.
  • Use jewelry which has pure gold or pure sterling silver.
    This article, how common is nickel allergy among people is written to give maximum health care for you.Hopefully, you will appreciate it.

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