Natural Shea Butter Benefits

Almost all of us are familiar with the natural shea butter benefits in field of cosmetics. The recent spike in the popularity effect of natural fatty acids in skin and hair care has compelled us to research about natural shea butter benefits.

Shea nut butter or shea butter is a natural fat extracting from shea tree fruit. It is a pale yellow or ivory colored liquid which is extracted from shea tree fruit by its scientific crushing and boiling. Shea tree is also known as karite tree and its botanical name is Butyrospermum paradoxum.

This tree is native to Africa. Natural shea butter benefits are at the mercy of its fruit. Its fruit consists of a thin nutritious pulp which surrounds a large oil rich seed from where extraction of shea butter takes place. In Africa, this tree has been claimed to improve nutrition and boost food supply of individuals.

Natural Shea Butter Benefits includes

  • It is a famous ingredient in cosmetic products and acts as a moisturizer and emollient. It keeps skin smooth, soft and supple.
  • Shea butter gives¬† natural UV sun protection and lessens harms of sun exposure.
  • Shea butter can fade acne scars, burns, rashes, acne, acne blemishes, dark spots and skin discolorations.
  • Use of shea butter is also good for chapped lips.
  • Another point which should be mentioned in natural shea butter benefits is that it can put moisture in dry brittle hair.
  • It may also help in retaining softness and restrains hair breakage.
  • Another valuable thing to mention in discussion about to natural shea butter benefit is that it can alleviate swelling and help to attain maximum health care for you.
  • Use of shea butter has also been effective in sinusitis too.

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