Psychoactive Substance Abuse: What Is It And How To Quit?

Why do people attract towards psychoactive substance abuse? People use psychoactive substances because they like the way these chemicals make them feel. People feel relaxed and pleasure after taking them and will probably wish to feel the pleasure again. The main action of these drugs is activation of brain circuit which causes a feeling of pleasure.

A psychoactive drug is a chemical substance which can enter in the brain by crossing the blood-brain barrier. It acts primarily upon the central nervous system and alter perception, mood, cognition, and behavior of individual. Most of these compounds are used for medicines but if they used recreationally, may lead to the likelihood of a psychoactive substances abuse. They cause addiction because you loss your control over the craving of the pleasurable effects of these drugs.

What types of drugs can cause addiction?

As a matter of common perception, we think that we can be addicted to illegal drugs only but you can be addicted by the legally prescribed drugs too. Common Illegal drugs abuse include alcohol, nicotine, smokeless tobacco etc. while the legal psychoactive drug abuse include marijuana, amphetamine etc.  So you should be careful for their use in small quantities only.

How can one be aware of addiction?

You may have psychoactive drug abuse, if you feel craving of them and try to get more and more… You may also have addiction, if you have developed a tolerance to them.

How can I quit Psychoactive substance abuse?

Though addiction is quite difficult to get rid of but it can be. The psychoactive substances abuse needs your strong will, proper medicine support and psychological assistance to be succeeded.

Commit to quitting. The first step to quit psychoactive substance abuse is that, once you decide to quit, be strong that you really want to do it.

Get support from drugs: Your physician can give you a treatment program that meets your needs. This treatment program will also help you to treat withdrawal symptoms of psychoactive drug abuse.

• Get support from your companions: Ask your family and friends to support you, spend time with them to decrease the withdrawal symptoms of psychoactive drug abuse.

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