Rabies Facts: What is Rabies?

Have you heard the cases about how people get victimized by rabies? Being a writer and have interest to provide optimum health care for you. I am very concerned in those diseases which can be prevented. So I am summarizing here what is rabies, through best reliable resources available.

Before discussion of what is rabies, first a little background about the disease. It is very dangerous disease, according to estimation before 1960 majority of cases occurred through domestic animals. While now, 90% of the cases are restricted to wild animals. Hence, in modern day prophylaxis of rabies is considered as 100% successful.

Rabies is an untreatable infection which is caused by a virus. It affects the central nervous system of mammals, including humans. It will be fatal when occurred but can be prevented through hygiene and vaccines.

Animals that get infected with rabies are called rabid animals. They are actually the vector of viral transmission. People usually get rabies when the rabid animals bite them. It is more common in developing countries than developed one. Moreover, you can get rabies through the bats bites or scratches which remain unnoticeable. Small mammals like mice and squirrels don’t spread this disease. In door pets are also rarely have rabies because of increase awareness of vaccination, today.

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