Raising Rabies Awareness-Worlds Rabies Day

Rabies is a dangerous fatal disease, so we should be aware of it. For this reason all health care specialists are working on a single platform to enhance the awareness of the rabies in people.

September 28 is World Rabies Day, it is a global health ceremonial which seeks to raise awareness of prevention and control efforts of rabies. It is co-sponsored by CDC and the Alliance for Rabies Control (ARC). It is celebrated since 2007 and is an excellent time to show our care to our loved ones. World rabies day steps us among the prevention and control of rabies. On the world rabies day, we are emphasizing over

  • Vaccination of pets including dogs and cats
  • Education of people how to avoid the animals
  • Training about first aid of rabies

Worlds Rabies day is important to start at community level, so let’s start to get steps for a rabies free environment. Move ahead on international rabies day for maximum health care for you and your loved ones.

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