Selenium Benefits and Side Effects

Today, everybody is well-known with the benefits of natural supplements (herbs, minerals and vitamins). This article is dealing with the selenium, selenium benefits and side effects. I hope that your entire reading journey of this article is interesting and beneficial for you.

Here first of all, we are discussing what is selenium, then move towards Selenium benefits and side effects.

What is selenium?

Selenium is among the eight essential trace minerals which are considered as staple antioxidant. Selenium is an essential mineral which grabs the attention of many researches. Researchers uncover its versatile functions which are admired world widely.

In discussion about selenium; selenium benefits and side effects, we have to mention that a diet rich in nuts and grains ensure an ample reserve of selenium in the body.  If one’s body has lacked selenium, he can get it through selenium supplements.

Selenium benefits

Now, come towards the selenium benefits and side effects;

Aging process

Selenium is among the staple antioxidant, it plays a starring role to reduce free radical damage. Selenium keeps skin flexible and permeable, thus decrease the rate of aging.

Cardiovascular health

Another thing which should be mentioned in discussion about selenium benefits and side effects that it promotes good cholesterol levels, maintain blood pressure and heart disease.

Slows Aging

As an antioxidant it also gives its favorable effects on eyes, heart, thyroid, and skin, hence selenium is must for maximum health care for you. It prevents cataracts.

Immune health

Moreover, I also want to mention in discussion about selenium benefits and side effects that it boosts immune system because of its ability to quench free radical damage.

Male infertility

Selenium supplements also give beneficial effects to improve male fertility and sperm motility.

Cancer prevention

Use of selenium is also associated with cancer associated with colon, prostate, lungs and skin.

Selenium side effects

Now, move to read about some side effects of selenium in this article about selenium benefits and side effects, although all natural mineral are free from side effects. Side effects of selenium can be felt by anyone, if it is taken in too much quantity.

Some side effects of overdose of selenium include,

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal (stomach) pain
  • Hair and nail brittleness
  • A metallic taste in the mouth
  • Irritability
  • Flushing of the face

I hope so that this article about selenium, selenium benefits and side effects is extraordinary informative and useful. If you will like this, kindly give me feed back. Take care!!!

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