Stevia Plant Uses…

Stevia is a well-admired herb from sunflower family and breeds on tropical areas of south and Central America. It is famous globally because of its sweet leaves. Stevia plant uses are common in variety of functions and especially admired because of its sweet taste. Stevia rebaudiana is the most pronounced species in Stevia and is known as sweet leaf or sugar leaf.

Now, come towards the discussion about common Stevia plant uses to provide maximum health care for you;

Stevia plant as Sweetener or Food Additive

The most common and world wide use of Stevia is its usage as sweetener or sugar substitute. Stevia plant uses as a sweetener because it has a slower onset and has a longer taste duration than sugar. It also used as a recommended nutritional supplement in Japan and Canada.

The utmost sweet taste of Stevia plant made the scientist curious to research on this plant. Scientist revealed that the extracts of Stevia possesses 300 times sweeter  than sugar, hence stevia plant uses are common among all. This low-carbohydrate, low-sugar content develops the attention of world’s population towards this sugar alternative.

Stevia and High Sugar Level

Stevia plant is used by diabetics because of it produces negligible effects on blood glucose level of body. Moreover, it may suppose to enhance glucose tolerance of an individual. Hence it catches the people who want to take it as food additive.

Stevia plant uses in Obesity

By dint of its low carbohydrate and low sugar content, it is a useful sugar alternative for people with weight loss therapy. It may exhibit its pronounced effects in people who are practicing weight loss plan. Stevia is also considered as a good option for those who are consuming carbohydrate controlling diets.

Stevia plant uses to control High Blood Pressure

Stevia also gives its favorable effect in people with hypertension.

Stevia and Tooth Decay

Stevia plant uses as sugar alternative; it maintains taste and inhibits tooth decay.

Stevia and Yeast Infection

Stevia plant prevents yeast infection and considers as herbal remedy.

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