Symptoms of Rabies in Human and Animals

Dear all! Rabies is the most harsh diseases which affects mammals. It is among the zoonotic diseases which transmit from the animals to the human. As you people know that diagnosis of any disease will be must to get rid of it and diagnosis depends upon the symptoms of disease. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the symptoms of rabies in human and animals, to give maximum health care for you.

Rabies virus spreads through wild animals. The most common mammals that carry rabies viruses in the United States include raccoons, bats, skunks, and foxes. Rabies also occurs with domestic animals, cats are the most common infected animal. So, dear fellows! Do great care of yourselves. Read this article about symptoms of rabies in human and animals carefully, for your maximum health care.

Symptoms of Rabies in Human and Animals

Symptoms of rabies in human and animals do not start at the time of biting or exposure. They take time until the virus becomes activated to cause disease. This period is known as the incubation period of viral infection. Once the symptoms have been appeared, mostly it is fatal. The sign of rabies virus in animals include

1. Drooling

2. Foaming at the mouth

3. Paralysis

4. Unusual activities such as being shy when the pet is

5. Animal looks lethargic

6. Unable to make sound because of paralysis of throat and neck muscles

7. Rabid animals become more aggressive and combative

8. Death occurs due to respiratory

In this article “Symptoms of rabies in human and animals”, now come towards the symptoms of rabies in human. In human, symptoms usually develop after 10 days of incubation; it may take 1 year to appear after the exposure. After incubation period, the patient complains firstly about malaise, loss of appetite, headache, fatigue, and fever. Some patients also feel numbness or itching at the site of exposure.

As the virus moves from the site of entry to the nervous system, it attacks the vital systems of body. So patients show the signs of nervous system damage; these include

• Hypersensitivity

• Disorientation

• Hallucinations

• Seizures

• Paralysis.

In later stages, death occurs because of cardiac or respiratory arrest. So, my dear fellows do take care of yourselves from animals, even with your pets specially. I write this article “symptoms of rabies in animals and humans” to prevent you earlier than any emergency. Hopefully you will appreciate it.

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