The Eight Essential Amino Acids

Hopefully, you are  familiar with the term “eight essential amino acids” as it is the most discussing among health topics. You have heard it miracles in body building, physical endurance, athletic performance etc.

People who are health conscious and try to be fit and smart forever also admire health effects of these eight essential amino acids and often take them as additional nutritional supplement. If you also want to get information about the eight essential amino acids and want to know the reason why they are much famous all around the world? This article will surely help you.

Scientists have discovered more than 50 amino acids up till now, among them 20 are used by the body to make proteins (enzymes, hormones, muscles tissues etc.) From these 20 amino acids 12 can be made by the body and do not need food supply, while remaining 8 can’t be made by the body and must be supplied from food. These include;

1.    Phenylalanine

2.    Valine

3.    Threonine

4.    Tryptophan

5.    Isoleucine

6.    Methionine

7.    Leucine

8.    Lysine

Recommended dietary intake of eight essential amino acids:

WHO suggest that these eight essential amino acids must be taken from food in recommended amount to maintain health. Determination of exact requirement of the amino acids for a man depends upon age, sex, metabolism, profession and lifestyle of an individual. This recommendation is important because one can’t deny the fact that a body builder’s dietary requirement is more than an average a man.

Sources of eight essential amino acids:

Moreover, a commendable piece of information which should be mentioned in this article is the sources of eight essential amino acids, which include eggs, meat, chicken, soybean, almonds, beetroots, alfalfa, carrots, cabbages, milk and diary products. Furthermore, a man having balanced diet fulfills the dietary requirements of amino acids. Well, if you are deficient in these amino acids, you can triumph over it through amino acids supplements.

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