The Top Five Ways to Prevent Allergies

There Is No Treatment, Only Prevention….
Allergies are the most irritating disease you come across with in your life span. There is no treatment for allergies but only prevention. This article will give you the top five ways to prevent allergies.

1.    People who have allergy with dust mites must control over their accumulation in your living area. Your bed is the prime habitat for them; moreover carpet and household upholstery also support high mite populations. To prevent this allergy, use mite resistant beds and household upholstery

2.    Dust is other irritating allergens, so try to keep your house free from dust to prevent allergies.  Regular dusting of your house, especially wood furniture can keep your house clean from them.

3.    To prevent allergies do vacuuming of your home regularly, it will restrict dust, dirt, and other dander to live in your carpet

4.    Another important point in top 5 ways to prevent allergies is that you should wash your sheets once in a week, because as the days pass you may gather more dust and dirt in your sheet and pillow.

5.    If you are sensitive to flowers, so you should not plant them near to your house. The scent of flowers may also trigger allergic reaction in sensitive people.

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