Top 5 Common Contagious Infections

Are you wondering what the common contagious diseases,  the human body is highly prone to? Surf through this article to educate yourself about them.

Contagious infections are among the communicable diseases which spread by close contact of the patient. Mostly, these diseases are based on germs transmission from infected to healthy person. All these contagious diseases need a communication between you and the patient. This can be a touch, entry of secretion, direct contact etc.

In the last year, the swine flu is the most terrified disease that a single sneeze or sniffle would be a sign of deadly swine flu. Thankfully, this year the increase flu vaccine has protected us from H1N1. While flu and cold are at the top of discussion on contagious disease, there are also other potentially dangerous bugs, to which you should be aware. They can make you sick any time of year.

So get information about these 10 contagious diseases and protect yourself and your loved ones from their harms. We are discussing them for maximum health care for you.

African sleeping sickness

Many of us think that flies can’t be a causative agent of a contagious disease and hence we do not take care of them, but in fact they can cause a severe disease named African sleeping sickness. It is caused by tsetse fly and can be lethal, if do not find any medical treatment.

AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome)

In discussion of top 5 contagious diseases, AIDS is must to discuss. It is caused by the HIV, a virus which weakens immune system of the body and makes you vulnerable to other diseases. It is lethal in most of the cases. It is transmitted through direct contact of infected people, bodily fluid having HIV, like blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk.


If you remember, several years ago chicken pox is also among the lethal diseases but now, it is preventable through the vaccination. It is among highly contagious diseases which is airborne. The disease causing organisms are found in the air and can spread by means of sneezing, coughing and direct contact of the infected individual.


Chlamydia infection is a common contagious disease which is transmitted by sexual contact. This Chlamydia infection can refer to the infection caused by any member of family “Chlamydiaceae”. It is a common genital and eye disease in human and is considered as contagious disease among all countries

Dengue fever

Dengue fever or breakbone fever is a contagious disease which spreads through the vector mosquito in the same way as the malaria. It is an acute febrile disease, which needs urgent working and medication, otherwise, it can be lethal.

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