What Are the Functions of Calcium in the Body?

Calcium is the most abundant mineral of the universe; it is a recommended dietary supplement too. It is so essential that it is suggested to take it in FDA recommended amount. Here in this article we are going to discuss what are the functions of calcium in the body?

Functions of calcium in the body are very evident that an average male has almost 3 pounds of calcium while an average female has almost about 2 pounds. About 99% of this calcium is found bones and teeth. Hence a constant supply of calcium is necessary to maintain health throughout our lives, but its need increased in conditions of pregnancy, lactations and growth. The body can increase the absorption of calcium if there is a deficiency.

Now come towards the function of calcium in the body, in detail:

• Calcium is required for formation, construction, and maintenance of bone and teeth.

• Calcium also acts as a vital component of blood clotting systems, hence helps against blood loss and wound healing.

• Calcium also takes part in controlling blood pressure and nerve transmission.

• Another important function among the functions of calcium in the body is that it helps in the production of enzymes and hormones.

• Calcium is also useful in muscle contraction.

• Calcium is also needed for optimum teeth and gum health.

After discussion of functions of calcium in the body, we also want to mention the consequences of Calcium Deficiency.

• Calcium Deficiency can lead to osteoporosis in adults and bone deformities in children.

• It can cause gum diseases.

• Extreme level of calcium deficiency can cause muscle spasms, and leg cramps.

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