What are the Health Benefits of AHCC?

AHCC is an acronym for Active Hexose Correlated Compound. Don’t be scared with its difficult name! It is one of the most friendly health supplements. Health practitioners admire numerous health benefits of AHCC, it is rich in alpha-glucan and is extorted from the shiitake, a mushroom. Several researches are conducted to get information about health benefits of AHCC, suggest it boosts immune system of the body.
AHCC and immunity
AHCC stimulates immunity of body by activating the white blood cells (natural killer cells and macrophages). These cells directly and swiftly kill the infected and abnormal cells.
AHCC and cancer
Another important point among the health benefits of AHCC is its effects on tumor reduction. Some herbal practitioners also admire it for tumor and cancer cure.  In some animal studies it reduces the rate of recurrence of malignant tumors and even increase survival period of patient.
AHCC and Viral infections
Another health benefits of AHCC is its best effects to prevent influenza and the West Nile virus infection.
AHCC and Intestinal health
Use of AHCC is also effective in gastritis and IBS.
Hence, AHCC is must for best immunity which provide maximum health care for you.

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