What is African Sleeping Sickness?

African sleeping sickness is amongst the most occurring epidemic diseases. It is borne  in areas of Africa but can infect people throughout the world.  At each year approximately 25,000 new cases of African sleeping sickness are reported by WHO, all around the world.
How is African African sleeping sickness  spread?
It is a disease which spreads through bite of a tsetse fly infected by Trypanosoma brucei. Its mode of spread is quite similar to the mode of spread of malaria. The tsetse fly is common in Africa and it is the causative agent of African sleeping sickness. Moreover, it can spread from infected individual to her baby or can spread through infected blood transfusion.
Can African sleeping sickness be lethal?
Yes, it can be. If patients fail to receive urgent medical treatment, it can be lethal. Death will be occurred from weeks to months.
What are the symptoms of African sleeping sickness?
The symptoms of African sleeping sickness include headaches, joint pains, and itching. If the infection invades in circulatory and lymphatic system, severe swelling of lymph nodes occur. If it is left untreated, the disease can surpass the immunity of body and will cause more extensive damage. This will affect vital organs of body.
In second stage of African sleeping disease, which is called the neurological phase, it occurs when disease enter in central nervous system. The word sleeping sickness is comprised of neurological phase. These symptoms include disruption of sleep cycle, confusion and reduced coordination.
How can we prevent ourselves from African sleeping sickness?
To prevent yourself from African sleeping sickness, you should;

•    Wear protective clothing like long-sleeved shirts and pants. The tsetse fly can bite via thin fabrics, so be careful to wear thick material.
•    Wear light colored clothing; the tsetse fly is attracted towards bright colors, so avoid wearing them.
•    Use insect repellent to prevent yourself from insect biting.
•    Use bed netting when sleeping.

This article about African sleeping sickness will help you because to attain maximum health care for you.

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