What is Antisocial Personality Disorder?

Antisocial personality disorder like other personality disorders is found in people but remains hidden because of lack of knowledge about psychological disorders. This is a mental disorder and has diversified effects on the mental and behavioral state. According to American Psychiatric Association, it is a pervasive pattern of people which produce activities of violation. It occurs in childhood or early adolescence and persists in adulthood.
Like other personality disorders, it is also remain hidden from the people and consider as the habitual violence. This article is going to give you an elaborate description of Antisocial personality disorder, which helps you to get familiar with antisocial personality disorder.
Signs and symptoms of antisocial personality disorder

People with antisocial personality disorder shows these specific sign and symptoms

* Persistent bad activities like stealing and lying etc.
* Cruelty to others and animals
* Lack of behavioral controls, like annoyance, aggression, impatience, threats, and verbal abuse
* Promiscuity
* Aggressive actions
* Lack of tolerance against boredom
* Poor relationships
* Irresponsible to fulfill given tasks
* Disregard about their safety
* Excessive hedonism

Diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder

According to the fourth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is widely used manual for diagnosis of mental disorders, a person can be a victim of antisocial personality disorder, if he has;

* Failure of patient to confirm the social norms and repeatedly do activities to violate against law and orders.
* Repeated lying or jailbird others for patients personal pleasure.
* Impulsivity regarding future plans.
* Excessive aggressiveness, evident by repeated physical fights
* Lack of repentance, evident by rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen
* Excessive promiscuity

Moreover, the recent evidences show that children often develop Antisocial Personality Disorder because of two major reasons environment and genetic line.

The World Health Organization’s defines another disorder which is conceptually similar to antisocial personality disorder, called Dissocial personality disorder because of 3 or more similar symptoms.

Subtypes of antisocial personality disorder

There are lots of subtypes of antisocial personality disorder. Theodore Millon, a scientist identified the five subtypes of antisocial behavior in individuals. These include,

* Reputation-defending antisocial
* Risk-taking antisocial
* Nomadic antisocial
* Malevolent antisocial
* Covetous antisocial

Treatment of antisocial personality disorder

Treatment of behavioral disorders is not as effective as they should be because of their addiction abilities. Some treatment opportunities include medicinal marijuana treatments.

I hope so, this article about  antisocial personality disorder is informative for you and acts as a great step for maximum health care for you and your loved ones.

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